A Whole lot going on while bringing SEXY back...

"Brow"nistas!!! Oh how I have missed you! Thanks to my wonderful husband, I am FINALLY writing to you today. I was thinking about writing to you the other day and, well, time kept on ticking, and I never accomplished the task.

I would feel bad for not writing sooner and more often, but I was VERY clear in the beginning of this journey that, more than likely, my entries would be relatively sporadic! Hey, at least I am a woman of my word.

But I have missed you, and there is always soooooo much to talk about!

I love these blog posts. They are like my diary/journal entries. My personal, intimate moments I get to share with you.

So, what shall I share with you today? What wisdom have I recently acquired that has inspired me to write to you?

Well, check out the title.

That's right! We are going to talk about...wait for it...SEX!

and multi-tasking.

Listen, I am a wife, mom, undercover assassin (it's a joke, but for real, check out my target practice. Just another credential to add to my resume of which all of my lovely "brow"nistas are completely informed!)

As we previously covered, I have ALOT going on! With everything, my darling husband (insert a mild amount of sarcasm here) decided, with all humility and grace, to kindly suggest that I incorporate a fitness regime into my already demanding schedule. So, now, I have to balance the fine art of everything I do, to include some very important Netflix Original Series binge watching sessions (seriously, I can not continue to reschedule catching up on the Making of a Murderer...priorities, people!) with locating time to go to the gym. Thanks, sir. You always know what a gal truly needs (where is that sarcasm I asked you to insert a couple of sentences ago? Do you have any left? Good. Put some here.)

Now, what does me going to work out have to do with sex?

Hold on, I am getting there.

You know in this blog, we get to be really transparent. We talk about having time for ourselves.We talk about having time for our families. We laugh at the day to day drama of being wives and moms and business women and servants in the community and ALL of the adventures those roles bring.

Well, today, since "brow"nistas are all of that and more, can we talk about how being SuperWoman doesn't necessarily leave us feeling all that sexy? Throw in some projects, cooking dinner, loads of laundry, a report that must be finished, a dog to clean up after, and some spit up stains on your "I am woman, hear me roar" work blouse and you are not exactly left with a combination that renders you being in "the mood."


Not at all.

After all of that, I just want to take a bath and pass out for a few days. Truthfully, I might even skip the bath part if it weren't for me trying to hold on to the last bit of diginity I have and not have my husband to believe me to be a complete and total slob of a woman who has totally given up on hygiene and personal care due to exhaustation! Hey, a man can still dream right?

"Brow"nistas, I had lost my mojo!

Something had to be done, and who knew a suggestion to "get fit" would lead me down the path of sexual rejevenation!

Now, before you get all deep, sex and being sexual is apart of my Godly, wifely duties and priviledges! I mean there is plenty in it for me! Because this blog is about me having time for me and doing things for me as I have time and do things for everyone else around me. I am just saying. In case you forgot what the mission was about.

So, yesterday, I took a pole fitness class.




Honey, listen. I have not worked that hard in forNEVER (I coined that this morning while sliding out of bed. Yes, feel free to use the term whenever it is fitting and appropriate. You are welcome.)! Every inch of me is sore, and I (yes, I as a proud Christian woman) have a profound respect for all the women who can work the pole! Much like myself in this thing called my life, they make it look easy, but bae-bae, it is FAR from easy. It is so far from easy, you can't Google Maps to find it even if you switch to the satellite view! What's that catchy Scottish sounding song by the Proclaimers?

"and I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more..."

Keep trecking, suga. You are just getting started.

That instructor had us strutting, twisting, turning, getting on the floor, and using muscles and body parts I didn't even know we had, couldn't name or spell, or point out on an anatomy chart!

I never felt so alive! I never felt more in touch with myself. It was like someone turned the lights on in my sexual cellar and all of these cool things were revealed.

Then the instructor said something that changed my life,"being sexy is intentional."



That was powerful to me on so many levels! I never thought about it like that. It got me to thinking.

Why do we think that things just happen? From success, to goals, to dreams, to everything in between, why do we believe in the principle of random and overnight? There really is no such thing.

Just being honest, when it came to me embracing my right as a woman, and a married woman at that, to take advantage of my sexual expression, I was not being intentional. I figured it would fall into place after I had done everything else on my to do list. Not how that works at all! It got so bad that I even stopped looking sexy! OH THE HORROR!

I had abandoned the necessity to put on my eyebrows. I mean, let's face it, there is NOTHING sexy about missing eyebrows! That spilled over into me becoming this shell of a woman who looked as if she lost her sparkle. "Brow"nistas, I was NOT being intentional. Maybe some of you aren't being intentional either.

When my instructor said "intentional," I heard PERMISSION, FREEDOM, and the RIGHT to be ALL of the woman God created me to be. I can be whole, spiritually grounded, brilliant, creative, a conqueror, a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a business woman, an innovator, a partner, a servant, and even...SEXY! HA!

I can be healthy, fit and have fun while doing it! I feel quite liberated. I pray you would feel the same way! My soul is happy!

So, here is my bit of wisdom.

Be INTENTIONAL in every aspect of your life. God has NO problem with you being fulfilled. God has NO problem with you pursuing greatness and He is not the least bit offended when you don't just fall into what He has planned for your marvelous life. You can expect it, you can enjoy it while you go after it, and you do not have to apologize for wanting it and obtaining it!

So, I say to myself now...

I have the PERMISSION to be.

I have the FREEDOM to be.

I have the RIGHT to be.

and, guess what?

So, do you!

Now, put on some eyebrows and while you are tackling the world, go bring your sexy back.

Oh yeah, be INTENTIONAL about it.

Until next time...

Eboni Blair 
Wife, Mom, Artist, Speaker/Servant, Blogger, Author & more! 

Eboni Blair offers a refreshing take on the everyday woman and the permission to not lose yourself while being everything to everyone!



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