...because if you are going to do life, you might as well put on your eyebrows...


Who am I?


Who has time to answer that? I will give you the short of it. I am married to the greatest man on the planet (at least I think so); I am mom to three amazing kids (that I can't seem to lose in public on purpose with the best of efforts...just kidding); an artist whose canvas are the faces of beautiful women everywhere; a full time career woman, a servant of Jesus Christ loving His people with a heart for young adult women who desire to live victoriously; a HILARIOUS blogger who is refreshingly transparent; and an author who is currently developing a life changing manual for people who have decided that conquering is their only option! I mean that's not all, but it is a start! I keep evolving. So should you!


Why Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are symbolic. Often we are so busy, so overwhelmed, so obligated, so driven, so everything else that we neglect truly taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we are so not connected to ourselves that we miss the necessary maintenance of something as simple, and seemingly insignificant, as eyebrows. The principle is simple: what good are you to others, if you are no good to yourself? In a society where we are pulled to exist in the extremes of all or nothing, this blog aims to show and prove the essential balance each of us needs in order to have a full life built from a healthy mindset, right priorities, and practical, consistent execution! If you have so much going on that you can't pull together your eyebrows, darling, we have WORK TO DO!  


Why do I do this?


I am basically doing this for you. I love to hear how the sharing of my experiences and imparting of wisdom changes the lives of people around me. It is my desire to see you live a full life. I want you to always have the right perspective in EVERY situation. I want you to remember "self care," and to know how to love those around you and still love yourself. I want you to know that you can "self love" without being selfish. I want you to give the world the gift that is you. I am here to help you see that.


What can I do for you?


Maybe the blog is enough. Maybe you need more. I am totally open to coming to speak to a group of your good girlfriends, your women's congregation, girl's night or whatever! Send me an email, and I will do my best to answer your questions and requests! If I do not have your answer, then I will do my best to point you in the direction of someone who does! 


Now, let's do life and don't forget your eyebrows!

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 Eyebrows and all

...because if you are going to do life, you might as well put on your eyebrows...