Watch what you say...#createsomething

Hey, hey, how are my best girl friends? Heeeyyyy "brow"nistas, what's happening?

Ok. So, on the way into work this morning, my frustration (don't worry, I will explain in a few) inspired me to write a new post. Before, I jump into what's on my mind, I have a confession (more like a realization.)

I stink at blog posting.

There. I said it. Out loud. For the whole blog world to see.

Here is my problem. I accept that God has blessed me to be a wealth of wisdom. Through several outlets, I am able to pour into people's lives with insight and understanding. (Very grateful and humbled to do that.) However, with that being said, I have a very real fear of turning into one of those people who likes to hear themselves talk. You know the kind that has never had a bad idea, wrong bit of advice, and always has an answer (even if they are making it up as they go along)?

Yeah, I don't want to be one of those types.

Therefore, I avoid overwriting and over sharing because I have no desire to fill up this blog with empty information just for the sake of having something to say.

I apologize for the gaps in time of writing. The truth is, I like to write when I feel inspired, when I have something really important to say or share that I feel will change your life and help you to see the larger picture.

And, well, that doesn't happen all of the time.

I get a lot of "so, when is your next post?" and "OMG, you should totally (fill in the blank)."

I have come to the conclusion that flattery is the death of purpose and unwavering focus.

(Allow me to digress for a quick second, and then I will get back to the original point of my post.)

Did you know that people will "good idea" you into a hellish place? Oh, how many of us have fallen at the suggestion of what, or where, we would be good verses doing what we are both called to do and responsible. The truth is, you are probably good at a lot of things. It doesn't surprise me that people are able to thrive in more than one thing either. After all, we are made in the image of God, and He totally rocks at being great in more than one thing. I do believe, however, that each of us has specific areas where we make the most impact. Those are the areas where we should place our focus in order to fulfill our purpose. I mean Jesus was great at building things, but I am glad He stuck to the mission of the cross. Sure, thousands could have benefited from His table making skills, but billions have benefited from His ultimate purpose and sacrifice.

LESSON: Don't let anyone/anything flatter you away from what's most important.

OK. I'm done with that. Just think on that in your spare time.

Alright, so on to this title!

So, I mentioned earlier being frustrated.


As a (ok, I'm not typing all of what I do...ya'll know I have a million roles) life can get hectic really quick. There are so many times when I don't feel in control. Sometimes, I feel like I plug one hole and another pops up. All of this chaos can really interrupt my peace, my ability to focus, stay motivated, and have a positive outlook. There are so many times when I get tired of it always being something!

In my frustration, I begin to complain. My entire demeanor changes. I take on the look of defeat, pressure, anger, resentment and so many more emotions. It gets worse. I speak defeat, pressure, anger, resentment and more...

My husband (who is my favorite person on the planet) does it too from time to time.

We can be out driving on a nice day perhaps at a crowded mall. A few minutes in, he will sigh, blow loudly and then say, "we are never going to find a parking space." At that moment, I am like...

The nerve of me, right?

I turn to him and say, "now, why would you say that?!"


No. I want to know why would he speak such a thing into existence?

Now, before you enjoy his flaw (way more than you should), I challenge all of us to ask ourselves, "why would I say that?" Whatever "that" is because I know my husband isn't the only one who has a slip of the tongue thereby putting into motion a wave of negativity on accident. You and I are so guilty! Don't believe me? Find yourself in these:

I am tired.

I am agitated.

I am over it.

I am shut down.

I don't feel like it.

I don't want to.

I am yet holding on. (#churchfolks)

I want to quit.

I feel defeated.

I am not good enough.

I can't do that.

I am stressed.

I am overwhelmed.

I can't focus.

Bottom line: We all have loose lips, and they are causing major malfunctions in our lives.

I struggled with writing this blog (more like article) a little bit because we live in a day and time where EVERYONE is a motivational speaker or inspirational guru of some sort. I think I read somewhere that people have spent a ton of money on self-help books this year. (Hmmmm, go figure.)

Now, my new favorite thing to say when I am offering some uplifting knowledge to people is, "I am probably not going to say something you haven't heard before. I don't want you to judge this based on hearing something new. I want you to judge this based on whether or not you are doing something new. I know you have heard this before, but have you done anything with what you have heard?"

With that being said, my first question to you is: Have you changed your thinking and speaking habits yet?

God says it like this:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

And those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21)

Do you know you are both creation and creator? Do you know that God created you, but also gave you creating ability? Ok, so you know. Well, what are you doing about knowing?

Look, this ain't (yes, I said ain't) rocket science. I am not exactly curing cancer over here.

We all know that we have a part to play. Some call it speaking to the universe, being in control of your destiny, "tapping in," and more ( I can genuinely respect different views even if I do not agree with them.)

One day (not too long ago), I learned something. God showed me that my life didn't have to happen to me, but rather I could happen to my life. I have the power to create the kind of life I desire, and I am talking about more than things but the essentials that keep us not just living but thriving. Essentials like peace, joy, love (sounds like the fruits of the Spirit...check it out in the Bible in Galatians's a good read.) I just need to watch my mouth. I have what I say, and I found out I was saying somethings that I didn't like having. I was creating a less than satisfying world with my words. It was time to change that.

Which brings me to second point/question: What are you creating?


Truthfully, I am at such peace when I am creating something. I am a big bowl of creative stuff. I love to create. Just saying create makes me really happy.

There is freedom in creating. There is joy in seeing your creation come to life. I earnestly believe God wants all of us to experience this amazing feeling. He enjoys it all the time. I mean one look at creation and you can see that God clearly has no shortage when it comes to ideas.

Here's something for you: God created us where there is no shortage either in our ability to create and come up with things to create. You and I can create until our hearts can't take it anymore!

Are you creating? When is the last time you created something?

It's addictive!

I have discovered that each day I should at least do the following:

1. Spend time with God

2. Find someone or something to which I give cheerfully

3. Smack my husband on the butt (you can put whatever you like it here...I like smacking his rump)

4. Create something

Now, before you go and get analysis paralysis on me (which is the art of overthinking to the point of inactivity) let's just take the complicated out of it shall we?

It doesn't have to be big. There. Big sigh of relief.

You can't stop thinking of how to come up with $200K to secure Carnegie Hall for your banquet. Let's just start with finger foods at the free room at your local library. MMMkay?!

It can be any or more of the following: Create a...

1. memory

2. new space in your home (at least change the paint color on the walls)

3. happy moment for someone else

4. picture (get the kids crayons and draw bold enough to put it on the refrigerator for the world to see)

5. business...plan (start with the a plan)

6. blog (look at that...anyone can write a blog...look at me)

7. t-shirt (turn your quirky quotes into a fashion statement)

and more...

It's not hard.

"Brow"nistas, I want for you what I want for myself:

A life with no limits, neverending peace, a whole heart, thriving Spirit, mouth that speaks life, and hands that create timeless, everlasting greatness (in whatever form) for generations to come.

Oh...and be on the lookout...I am creating something myself.

Love you.

Go speak life.

Go create something.

Tell me what you are going to create. Use #createsomething on Twitter @theonlyladyblair and Instagram @brownista1

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