A sense of ADVENTURE

What's up "brow"nistas!

It's summer! It's Friday!

Life is great. God is better.

It's summer time and summer is often the season for adventure. This is the time we get out, travel, put the top down on the car, visit restaurants we haven't tried, and spend our days outdoors seeing what we can get into! It's an exciting time! Well, I want to encourage you, my dear "brow"nistas. I want you to spend your summer days trying something new.

Recently my darling husband accompanied me to the hair salon. For months, he has been begging me to change my hair color and try some new looks.

I would have NEVER picked out those shoes #jeffreycampbell

Now, let me tell you about my husband's sense of style. He is bold, daring, and has a keen sense for what stands out. (Could be from his previous days of street hustling that awakens his flare for the extravagant..just saying) I have to admit that he is responsible for some of my most "adventurous" ensembles. (check out the kicks in the pic on the right)

What I love about him is that he requires me to come out of my comfort zone. On the inside I feel like this "glamazon" who is free and confident. In real life, I tend to play it safe. Yup, I go along with the trend of the moment not straying too far from what is acceptable and comfortable. However, I have always been a free spirited gal who loves to try new things and have artistic expression. This is why I love to play in makeup. It's art for me. I get to create and transform.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...

So, the husband, who was on his way to the barbershop decided to swing past and add his two cents as to how my hair should look. He even went so far as to walk with the assistant to the beauty store next door so that he could provide his onsite consultant skills as she picked up the necessary products! (really, dude?)

Sooo, we ended up with this...

and I even have on my EYEBROWS!

I absolutely LOVE my new hair! I would have never picked out the color. I would have stayed a bit toned down, but I was sooooo at a loss for words when it was done (big shout out to my stylist Diamond who "smoked my wig, honey!") I left the salon feeling empowered and like a new woman! Now that my husband encouraged me to get out of the box and embrace how I wanted to express myself, I am completely hooked and ready to take on more adventures!

As a wife, mom and more, it can be hard to hold on to your sense of adventure.

It was all his idea and I found myself getting emotional because my husband has been a huge supporter of me taking the time I need for myself (one of the many reasons I just love him!) He is always encouraging me and speaking life into me when I feel like I am failing. I need that. I need him because, let's face it, sometimes, we can feel very defeated in trying to do everything. I know at times I avoid adventure because I feel consumed believing there is no time for anything outside of the day to day routine.

But, "brow"nistas, if we don't stop, color outside the lines a bit, try something new, seek a new experience, we will die! Life is meant to be lived. God has given us so much to explore. He has given us so much talent. We owe it to God to put forth an effort.

Life is more than bills, recitals, soccer practice, meetings, bath time, dinner, etc. It's more than checklists and to do's. You have to insert a little bit of adventure into your life. As a mom, that's a great lesson to teach your kids! Teach them to live and try new things! (On a personal note, I can't stand to hear a kid tell me what they don't like. HELLO, you haven't been alive long enough to have preferences! You betta eat this and LIKE IT!)

"Brow"nistas, don't let this summer or this life pass you by without you taking some time to have some adventure! It may be a new hairstyle, a trip, a new place in your city that you haven't visited...whatever! Just get out, slap on your brows, and hit the town!

Go ahead...never lose your sense of adventure.

Until next time...

Eboni Blair 
Wife, Mom, Artist, Speaker/Servant, Blogger, Author & more! 

Eboni Blair offers a refreshing take on the everyday woman and the permission to not lose yourself while being everything to everyone!



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