Doing it all...God's way

What's going down "brow"nistas? It's been awhile. As you know, life has been crazy! As if I wasn't busy enough already, my husband and I have started our yearly summer outreach initiative which entails going into "tha hood" and reaching out to our fellow brothers in sisters letting them know God still loves you and has NOT forgotten about you. It's also my busy season, with make up and all, seeing as every woman seems to want to be married in the summer. Schools out, so that means keeping the little ones occupied and the 7 month, soon to be 8 month old, is now on the move. So, it's ALOT going on!

Well, my husband's beloved grandmother died last week so that has really impacted the family and we're all just leaning on the everlasting arm of God. We rejoice as she is resting with the LORD. With the closing of one door, God opens another so, we're adding one to the crew, as my mother in law, her primary caretaker, will now reside with us.

no face off needed! unlike these women, we WILL get along!

I can see some of you like "whoa!" Well, it's atually cool! Funny how God answers prayers. I have been screaming for help and here she comes. I have to say, as far as mother-in-laws go, I got a good one. She's one of those people who keeps her "coolness" bottled up inside. Once you get around her, long enough for her to realize you're actually ok and not crazy, she opens up and is bucket loads of fun. She has the funniest sayings and I simply love that she is too old to let things really bother her. She has lived long enough not to get caught up in what puts me into a frenzy! I really appreciate this quality in my elders. They know, "keep living and this too shall pass." Plus, I love how she impacts my husband. He really loves her and wants her to be ok. Because I love him, how can I NOT be on board and help him take care of mommy dearest? (She is really not bad at all! LOL!) So, our family dynamic is changing for the better and I feel pretty good about it. It's the least of my worries at this point.

My new endeavor is to find myself again. Afterall, this is what this blog, and journey, is about. There are times when I have NO clue who I really am and what I should look like or be doing at this stage of my life. I saw this quote and it kinda messed me up the other day...

Now, here's what I am thinking. I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. There are a few factors in my life that are NEVER going to change for me and I have to make them work. I CAN make them work. God has NOT set me up. My problem is I have been listening to "the world" and waiting for others to make it easier for me to do what I need to do. Well, that day is OVER. My success story WILL come to past and I will blaze my own trail!

I finally came up with a tag line or motto for all of us "brow"nistas!

"Brow"nistas = women (be they single, married, and/or mothers) who truly do it all (without forgetting their brows)...GOD's Way!

See, I have discovered in most cases, "worldly" successful people, at some point, have walked away from some important areas of responsibility in order to acheive their dreams. How many movies have you seen where the successful executive or movie starlett breaks down in some emotional scene after their success has betrayed them with how much they regret having sacrificed love and family to "make it?" Can this be the only way? For me, as a wife and mom, this simply isn't an option.

I don't want the kind of success that costs me missing the important, quality filled moments in life. I know too many people who "have it going on" but their relationships, family and personal lives are a mess! I don't believe for one second that God tricked us. He didn't say we had to be these watered down, forgotten about women who are washed up reminders of yesteryear with unfulfilled hopes and dreams that got swept under the rug so we could hold down a job or take care of everyone elsekeeps saying to me "make sure you cherish the time because it all goes so quickly!"

I finally figured out that God wants me to pursue PURPOSE, not success, and when I do, EVERYTHING will line up. His ways for my life are not in conflict with one another so I don't have to neglect anything in my pursuit of utilizing all of my talents!

So, here's what I've done so far...

#1 I got my prayer life and daily Bible reading plan back! Instead of pursuing God to get my life right, I have realized I MUST pursue God because it is the right thing to do in order to live my life no matter the state in which I find it!

#2 I changed my major. I need to finish what I have started AND I need to be home for my family. So, no more 99+ credit hour degree for me. I have downgraded to 64 in which I will not lose some critical classes (shoot, I worked hard!) and can wrap this party up!

#3 I set up some long overdue photoshoots with some photographers who have asked to work with me on numerous projects. (WISDOM: I have discovered when you are blessed and are good at what you do, God will send you FAVOR! Are you receiving the favor that is yours for your life?)

#4 I am GOING to the TraciLynn Fashion Jewelry launch next month. I have an opp to make some money AND grow my business! (time to stop playing)

#5 I am executing my "get my credit right again for a larger house" initiative (Now, God is going to do all of the heavy lifting. I am just showing Him how I plan to be a good steward over whatever He entrusts to us. It's time to stop driving past the houses I want, dreaming of the day and putting some feet to the vision and going after it!)

# I am and have COMMITTED to this blog...THIS IS GOING TO BE much to come. I speak FAVOR over this blog and to all of you!

This is just the beginning. I can't write down everything but hopefully this has inspired you to get up and go claim what you need while keeping your God given duties, responsibilities and priorities in place.

we can do it all AND be FABULOUS!!!

All I can say is something MAJOR is on the horizon! I don't know what, but often times right when I am trying to figure out how, God sends the provision. I have learned your wealth MUST have an assignment attached to it or it will consume you! Challenges and Solutions go hand in hand. One without the other is bound to end up in depression and disaster (ask all these stars going to rehab...#momoneymoproblems)

So, this is my declaration: I am going to win. I am going all the way. I am going with my family. I am going with God.

You in?

Eboni Blair 
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