The Value of Real Women

Today was (well "is" as it is still in progress) the PERFECT day! Now, as a mom, you have to appreciate when a plan comes together without a glitch because well, it's like a clear siting of Big just doesn't happen often. Today, the weather is perfect outside, the house is clean, all bills are paid (or on schedule to be paid), the baby is taking what is known as the "perfect" nap (see pic caption), the spouse and I are great, the girls have a play date and well it's all good!

The day started off wonderful. I got up and made my kids breakfast. Then we all sat down and watched the Proud Family movie as we ate. I have learned it is important to slow down and create quality moments with my kids. I want them to look back over their lives and have great memories. Let's face it, kids are NEVER going to appreciate the fact that you pay the bills and provide for them. Nope. That escapes them. Truthfully, it escaped you and me. What kids appreciate and recognize is that you care enough to be there and to love them. That's all they need. If you are too busy to do that, then it's time to take a serious look at your priorities!

Now, this wonderfully, blessed day got me to thinking. I must say "brow"nistas, God has truly blessed me with some dynamic women in my life. As I grow as a wife and mom, God has really sent me some valuable "real" women to support and pour into me. This is why, at times, I am hard on myself because I can not claim that I am doing it all by myself. I have help and wisdom and so much more. For me not to rise to the occassion, to me, would be a slap in the face of God. I am not that bold or ungrateful.

Earlier, I mentioned my daughters having a play date. Well, when their little girlfriend's mom came over to drop off her daughter, she taught me a thing or two about doing play dates in style. She is one of those "real" women I am blessed to know. A single mom, she came over with goodie bags for the girls filled with cute little treasures! Then, she bought lunch for the three of them. Her daughter was dressed too cute having her running shoes with her and her own travel kit with some of her favorite toys! HOW DOPE IS THAT?!

I said "now, when I take my kids out for a play date, I am doing this!" She continually checked in (although I keep telling her to take the day off) and the whole thing was just completely classy having covered all of the bases!

Next, my girlfriend calls me to get the kids' sizes because she and her fiancee (our couple BFFs...every married couple should have one) are out shopping for the kids! (Cue church music, end scene with me laid out on the floor!) I can't begin to tell you the number of people (women in particular) who have been a blessing to us in raising our family. This past week, my son received more clothes and much needed items from a close family friend. I could share countless stories of how God has sent us help but we would be here ALL day having sweated out our perms and natural hair with tear streaked faces and hoarse throats from shouting! The point in all of this is God has blessed me (us) not just with people to help but women from whom I can learn a great deal in my journey as a wife and mom.

There is great value in "real" women. You can learn alot from them. For example, I have an aunt who is superior in organization. Going to her house (along with my mom's and auntie's) puts me into depression. Everything is so organized! (I wish!) I learned from her to have a place for everything!

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See, when you have family, you adopt the "ish" mentality. The house is clean"ish" (just describe anything family related and add an "ish" to it). This mentality is where we, "super" moms and wives, submit to the reality that NOTHING is perfect but we do our best to get it in the ballpark! So, laundry is done"ish" and anything else you can think of as we say "hey, we gave it our best shot!"

Anywho, my aunt taught me to invest in baskets! You may not be able to neatly store everything away but you can at least place like items into a basket to cut down on the clutter! Make sure you get nice ones to add to the decor of your house. This is also easy for the kids because at school they practice the concept of placing things in baskets and bins! When they get home, they just place their toys, books, or whatever in their baskets! So, go to the Dollar Store or Marshall's or TJMaxx and stock up on baskets!

Another "real" woman is a co-worker (who has been a God send and a true friend) who taught me about organization for my kids. She is so the bomb and I just love her. She is one of those moms who just goes the extra mile. She is the one who taught me about having a schedule and checklist for my kids to help them (and myself) get through the school week! She also got me started on having my kids' things personalized. I love to go to Lillian Vernon and Garnet Hill to buy bookbags and luggage that I can customize just for my little love bunnies! I love when my kids are blown away by the "love touches" from me. It doesn't take much to make your kids happy. So, you should do it often! A great quote from a movie always stuck with me. "We only have a few years when they are chasing after us, then we will be chasing after them."

The value in "real" women is they bring something to the table. They leave an impression. They teach you something about why women matter. They don't try to be men. They are quite fine with being women. They are fine with being wives and being in support. They are fine with being moms and investing in their children. When they show up they remind you of what your priorities should be and how you can execute them in style.

So, here is a salute and shout-out to the "real" women in my life! I can't cover them all in this blog, but if they are reading this then I want them to know, I am growing because of you and I love each of you! As we embark on our journey, though we may get tired, and at times overwhelmed, be encouraged because God sends help and "real" women who honor His Word and not only show us how to live and love but walk with us as well.

If you have these kind of women in your life, make sure you thank them. Honor them by ensuring you are being that kind of woman yourself. Freely you have received...make sure you freely give!

Now, off to enjoy this day just woke up.

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